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You know the sorts of businesses you want to target and the people within them you want to get in front of. We are experts in creating laser targeted prospect lists based on the exact brief you give us. Laser targeted means the right companies and crucially who the right contact within them is right now.


You can buy big data lists from various sources. Long lists of contacts look great, cost per contact may seem good value. For high volume, low value sales and marketing models, big data lists may produce a satisfactory return on investment – the numbers game approach.

We specialise in building individually tailored, tactical lists for small and medium manufacturing and engineering companies whose high value, low volume sales model requires highly qualified prospects in relatively low numbers.

There is no substitute for real people qualifying the right prospects. We never buy lists on your behalf, we custom generate each list for each client individually.


  • Understanding your business and what characterises your target customer to a level of expertise you’d expect from your key staff.
  • Working to an agreed brief, we use a range of search and qualification techniques to return a list of prospects that is current and pin-point accurate.

You can then either integrate this data into your own CRM and sales activities. Alternatively you can work with our sister company, Fast Forward Sales who will carry out the calling, nurturing and appointment booking for you.

Simple, cost effective, new business development.

Fast Forward Sales

When we wanted to grow our business, we briefed Data Detectives to research the retail sector and find the right people for us to talk to. Having all the right contact details was critical.

Of the 17 conversations we’ve had so far with the contacts Data Detectives identified, five have agreed to a meeting. This has already exceeded our expectations!”

Fast Forward Sales
Fast Forward Sales

Jason Gore,
Cube Studios

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